Kian Soltani

Cello | 25. June 2019 - 30. June 2019

One of the currently most successful cellists, Kian Soltani, is taking over the lecturer`s role in the form of intensive instrumental lessons with the course participants. For the chamber music accompaniment, Mario Häring makes his arts available on the piano. In the afternoons there is the possibility for further elaboration. Gymnastic workouts and massage programs developed by Evamaria Pfanner specifically for the needs of prospective cellists aim to balance body and mind.

Kian Soltani, Mario Häring and Evamaria Pfanner are former scholarship holders of the International Music Academy in Liechtenstein. All of them have meanwhile plenty of (stage-) experience and can draw on valuable knowledge of the young artist`s future field of work. As part of the “Music & Experience Week”, this hands-on know-how shall be passed on to the next generation of emerging talents.

Kian Soltani
Contributing Professor
Eva-Maria Pfanner
Chamber music partner
Mario Häring